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Silent No Longer is a group of grassroots activists who have been touched by sexual violence in some way.  Through the use of awareness campaigns, education and the legislative process, our goal is to provide a social atmosphere were survivors feel safe speaking out.  

We firmly believe the voice of every survivor should be heard and believed. This is  why we are committed to ending the culture of sexual violence by dispelling stereotypes, dismantling misogynistic and patriarchal attitudes and creating a society where everyone, regardless of race, age, nationality, religion, gender or income, are truly treated equally and allowed to live without the fear of sexual violence.



The mission of Silent No Longer is to dismantle the culture of sexual violence and patriarchal society by providing grassroots activists, organizations and communities with the resources, training and support needed to create transformative and sustainable social change.



Empowerment - We understand the importance of feeling empowered.  We are committed to providing an atmosphere where survivors of sexual violence feel safe, know they are believed and have the support and encouragement to find their voice. 

Diversity - We embrace and value the experiences, skills and knowledge individuals from various ethnic, racial, religious and socioeconomic communities provide. We believe inclusion and diversity provides greater perspective and is essential for social change. 

Collaboration -  We are committed to creating a collaborative atmosphere so we can maximize the expertise and strengths of  individuals and organizations  committed to ending the culture of sexual violence. 

Respect - We all have different life experiences,  perspectives, strengths and weaknesses.  We respect and value the opinions of others, as well as any limitations or concerns they may have.  While we encourage everyone to find their voice and speak out, we will always respect the process and support those who are still finding their strength. 

Awareness and Education - We believe knowledge and comprehension are essential component of social change.  Through awareness and education initiatives we can address the root causes of sexual violence by changing patriarchal attitudes and dispelling stereotypes. 

Accountability - We believe offenders, elected officials, community and business leaders and organizations who contribute to the culture of sexual violence and patriarchal attitudes should be held accountable for actions, whether through direct actions or a failure to act. 

Ethical Practices - We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner which reflects the principles of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability at all times.

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